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How to Play the C Major Guitar Chord

Place your fingers as follows to play the C Major chord on guitar:

  • Index Finger: on fret 1 of string 5.

  • Middle Finger: on fret 2 of string 3.

  • Ring Finger: on fret 3 of string 2.

  • Open Strings: string(s) 4 & 6.

  • Muted Strings: string(s) 1.


The C Major chord has the notes [x, C, E, G, C, E] on each string of the guitar, where 'x' signifies that the string is muted. These notes correspond to the intervals [x, R, M3, P5, R, M3] on each guitar string.

Major chords have a bright, cheerful sound and are one of the most widely employed chord types. They are formed by simultaneously playing the root note, major third, and perfect fifth of a scale. A C major chord, for example, would be composed of the notes C, E, and G.

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